Project Background

The biomedical market has as core business the production of plastic devices for the circulation of biological (eg. Blood and gaseous matrices) and other fluids (eg. dialysate and drugs), typically of disposable nature. The purpose of the Nanosens4life project is to develop new technologies that will transform the disposable plastic commonly used in the biomedical field into low cost "sensors".


The project objective is to transform the plastic devices for biomedical use into cheap disposable sensors. The nano treatments developed allow to functionalize the plastic devices making them able to make an optical-chemical transduction that will allow the non-contact measurement of specific analytes of interest present within the fluid in the extracorporeal circulation and assisted respiration.


Nanosens4life implement a new generation of intelligent low cost plastic systems for in-line monitoring and real time treatment which increases the safety of the therapy, which will be individualized according to the patient's specific response. In addition, the results of the project represent one of the enablers for homecare certain therapies.

Action plan

In a first phase, activities concern lab validation of technologies for dye immobilization and signal reading. In a second step, developed technologies will be applied for the measurement of the 4 biological elements of interest. Later technologies will be validated in a relevant environment (TRL5). Project will be developed in collaboration between participant research labs (besides TPM, leader, LABORATORIO DI MICRO E SUBMICRO TECNOLOGIE ABILITANTI DELL'EMILIA ROMAGNA - MIST E-R S.C.R.L and Dipartimento Rizzoli RIT - Research, Innovation&Tecnology) and enterprises (B. Braun Avitum Italy S.p.A., Medica S.p.A., Eurosets S.r.l., Intersurgical S.p.A.). In addition to directly involved enterprises, other 4 manifestations of interest ware signed during project presentation. At the end of the project, 4 prototypes and a demonstrator will be available; they will be useful for maximizing impact on the disposables producers industrial supply chain.


TPM – Tecnopolo Mirandola

TPM – Mirandola Technopole has 3 areas: Toxicology and Proteomics (ToP), Applied Microscopy and cellular Biology (MaB), Materials, Sensors and Systems (Ms2). The extensive collaboration between the 3 areas provides holistic solutions to the committers. The MS2 laboratory aims at supporting companies in the design, development, characterization and validation of new materials, products, measuring systems and equipments. The lab offers the benefit coming from the experience and collaboration of researchers with a wide range of expertise i.e. ICT, measurement science, mechanical engineering, chemistry and physics.
Person of reference: Stefano Cattini



MIST E-R is a public-private consortium of industrial research and technology transfer. The partners include the National Research Council, University of Ferrara, University of Parma, the Democenter-Sipe Foundation and companies operating in various manufacturing sectors. The main operating areas of MIST E-R are the development of micro- and nanotechnologies of inorganic and organic materials, nanostructures and interfaces for biodiagnostic and biomedical devices and products based on nanostructured materials.
Person of reference: Valeria Pignedoli


Dipartimento Rizzoli RIT – Research, Innovation&Tecnology

The Rizzoli RIT - Research, Innovation & Technology Department is the organizational branch managing the participation of the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute to the Regional High Technology Network in the following research fields: regenerative medicine, biomedicine, pharmaceutics, biomechanics and clinical IT.
Person of reference: Dott.ssa Elizaveta Kon



Democenter-Sipe Foundation is an innovation center of the High Technology Network of Emilia-Romagna Region. Democenter-Sipe supports innovation acting as a facilitator and interface between research centers, public bodies and companies, dealing with the dissemination and transfer of the research activities and results.
Person of reference: Laura Aldrovandi


B. Braun Avitum Italy S.p.A.

BBraun is one of the world's leading providers & manufacturers of healthcare solutions. BBraun is a family company that was founded in 1839 by J.Wilhelm Braun at Melsungen (Germany). With its constantly growing portfolio of medical care solutions, BBraun makes a contribution to protecting & improving people's health. The company’s operations are organized into four divisions (Hospital Care, Aesculap, Out Patient Market, BBraun Avitum), and it is led by a eight member Management Board.
Person of reference: Giuliana, Gavioli


Medica S.p.A.

Medica Group is operating since 1985 in the biomedical district of Mirandola (Italy). The main business of the company is the development of innovative products (either disposable medical devices and electromedical equipment) for blood purification like hemofiltration , plasmapheresis , CO2 removal. Hollow fiber spinning represents the core technology of the company.
Person of reference: Lisa Gavioli, Key Accounts Manager


Eurosets S.r.l.

Eurosets srl It born in 1991 in Medolla (MO), and in 1998 he joined the Group Villa Maria Care & Research. Currently it is a global leader in the production of devices for the Autotransfusion, the Cardiac Surgery, the Orthopedics and the Cardiopulmonary support. Thanks to technological innovation and to its 129 persons employed, Eurosets reached an average revenue growth of 13% in recent years, with about 75% of foreign sales. Eurosets holds more than 20 patents of which 6 are deposited over the past two years. Innovation and Technology for a Better Patient Outcomes is daily mission that drives the company.
Person of reference: Dott. Antonio Petralia


Intersurgical S.p.A.

Intersurgical is the European leader with over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying medical devices for ventilatory support. It provides flexible solutions for airway management, anesthesia, intensive care and oxygen therapy. All the Intersurgical products fully meet the BS, ISO and EN. The company's mission is to provide the widest possible range of products for ventilatory support by offering quality, innovation and choice.
Persons of reference: Fulvio Pozzetti ( e Andrea Paltrinieri (


Project POR FESR 2014-2020, AXIS 1 Research and Innovation. 1.2.2 Action